Count your Blisses


I haven’t posted in a while. Good thing is it’s not from lack of content. There’s just a backlog created by the failure to find adequate time to post them all.

I am slowly realizing I need to reprioritize some things in my life and I'm happy to say that this blog just happens to be one of those things. It's time to give this precious URL some TLC!  

I'll save the life updates for later, and get into the thought-of-the-day the appreciating the little things in life. It's a sentiment I have spoken on before. In fact, it's one that I often preach about, but even a teacher needs to refresh once in a while. Now seemed like a good time. My past week-and-a-half has been composed of nothing but after the endless, rain, assignments, and decisions that had me feeling a bit out of control, (or so I thought). Instead of getting caught up in a mood- I decided I needed to refocus my energy and quit the complaining-better yet, prevent it and try and see the clear sky in the clouds ahead of me. 


“Count your blessings” is a term that we’re all familiar with. You may have heard it at home, in school, from an elder, and well, you've probably even read it off someone's t-shirt somewhere. Frankly, while that's lovely, it's become a bit of a cliche, so it is easy to be desensitized to the true object of the expression. 

Anyways, today I've decided to mix it up a little. For the sake of recontextualizing and adding emphasis to the common phrase; I temporarily moved away from the word 'blessings' in exchange for 'blisses'. Personally, it served me as a good reminder to look for satisfaction in the trivial tasks, in the past and the present. 

I figured I would devote some time to think of all the moments that provided me with nothing but pure joy this week. Join me in this healthy little endeavor as we are about to be blowing up balloons of bliss over here. Therefore this post is dedicated to all the delightful and happy things that happened to me this week. Realizing that there's delight in everyday affairs has proved to be one of the best vitamins for maintaining a good spirit. 

Without further, or do here are all the blissful moments that I met this week. 

I Took a Few Deep Breathes 


We’re born into the world without having to be taught how to inhale and exhale.  It’s innate. For some of us like myself somewhere along the line, the need to control every breath becomes suffocating. Sometimes it's best not to tamper with what God has given us the natural, intrinsic ability to do. A short trip away last weekend taught me how to breathe naturally again. There’s just no need to suffocate yourself with stress. I found pleasure in the simple fact of realizing the biology behind a breath is so complex, yet quite effortless when we just relax a little. 

I threw out my planner (sort of)


Okay,  I didn't actually toss it away, but close enough. Believe it or not, I don’t actually like schedules. No. I've just learned to adapt my life to them. The latter half of the week I decided to put aside my planner and go “off track”. 

It’s been a while since I’ve experienced dual feelings of anxiety and ease in the same instant. 

 Anxiety, from the fact that the control of having my color co-ordinated,  timetables, and lists was not readily available to me. Relief knowing that I didn’t have a timeline to stick to. Liberating may be like a dramatic conclusion- but that’s what it felt like. Emancipation from an agenda was the happiness that this act provided me. I know that society binds us to numerous thing, but when you can break the chains on something- do it!

 Sleep is not for the Weak, it is for Everyone. 

A long night of studying left me watching the sunrise. I woke up the next morning to the rude sound of my alarm. Even though I'm slowly becoming a morning person, waking up is hard to do. After emerging to the violent beeping I was quickly confronted by the reality that I only had enough energy to fall back asleep. So, I did.  Even looking at the time deemed too much effort.  Instead of running to inhale caffeine, to keep my eyes open, and be conscious, I decided to sleep. Guilt-free. It was incredible.

Sleep deprivation is not something anyone gets a trophy for. Plus, the brightness in my eyes and smile after taking an extra few hours to doze left me with a nicer glow than any amount of makeup would have provided. 

I ate chocolate for breakfast 


…Lack of appetite, meant by the time I looked at the clock, was 1 pm,  I had yet to break my fast, and Easter eggs were the only thing that sounded appealing. It was sweet, it was satisfying. Will I do this more often- absolutely. Should you treat yourself too? You certainly should. 

Ella Mai, Masego, KeHlani 

If you haven’t heard this sweet sounds of this delicate beautiful human- then you’ve been wasting time on Spotify. The beauty of her vocal cords, attitude, style, and frankly hair, are not to be questioned. I always find some sort of joy when I expose myself to the way she expresses herself amongst her R&B melodies. The best part is she calls herself a young Simba, because she candidly asserts that she is nothing short of a lioness, haha. I couldn't agree more. 

I may be acting like I know the girl in real life, but that’s only because I’ve spent one-to-many minutes day-dreaming about what it would be like to be friends with Miss Mai. My intuition tells me that I’m almost positive we’d click. Even if we wouldn't I'd at least find humor and happiness in the thought. Her ability to capture the essence of certain emotions is chilling- scary even. As for Masego, if good mood were a food, this is the only thing I’d be consuming. And Kehalni has a perfect anthem for just about every emotion. 

A Lovely Bouquet Sure did Brighten my day 

IMG_6051 (1).jpg

A friend of mine surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Even though I often express my distaste in surprises, that’s not really true. The truth is just not easily surprised. Genuine surprise is rare, 8/10 it’s probably an act, but this small gesture was so out of the blue it must be added to my blissful list. This was definitelly a reminder for me to stop and smell the roses. 

Hard Work Paid Off ( in more ways than one)

Sometimes the reward isn’t the grade, but in the accomplishment of the task. Interviews went well, exams were crammed for yet completed, and I'm sure we've all experienced or are currently experiencing piles of things to do. It’s the pleasure from the fact that somehow you managed to craft that paper, study for that final, drudge through the assignment, or figure out a plan, or just make that decision.  The fact that you're reading this means that you made it through so go ahead, smile about it. 


Are these insignificant to the average life. Absolutely. There’s nothing special or out of the ordinary about anything on this list, but that’s what makes them even better!

Listen, it’s not groundbreaking news that; breathing is essential to life, many people don’t care for agenda’s, most people sleep in, chocolate is always being consumed, and we all find a way to get our work done eventually. For me, it was about performing these normalcies without feeling guilty about them. That's where the pleasure came from. 

My point is having the ability to find and derive happiness from everyday tasks is something that should be recognized more often. It shouldn’t (always) take something novel and grand to transform your bad days into blissful ones. 

For my fellow students finals are just around the corner, if not already there. Life is throwing curve-balls, and sometimes this Vancouver rain can actually make you feel like you’re drowning or drifting away. Take this as a reminder that every day we go through motions, and encounter experiences that we forget we can find so much peaceable pleasure  in. The general moral you can retrieve from all of this, even through the toughest time avoid taking things for granted. Finals are coming, so freak out, and then find something familiar to be thankful for. 

I encourage you all to go count the bliss in your life, 

But, that’s just me,